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6G does not exist, yet it is already here! – VI

Power issues are not limited to devices,  they are also affecting the wireless network operation cost. As shown in the previous post we have seen an increasing demand of power in base stations as we moved to more advanced cellular systems. Increased bandwidth, MIMO and smart antennas, all require more …

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6G does not exist, yet it is already here! – V

5. Power requirement All this increase in processing on the device side goes hand in hand with the increase of power demand, yet such increase, as pointed out in previous posts, is not manageable because increased power means: increased dissipation in form of heat (second law of thermodynamics); increased drain …

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6G does not exist, yet it is already here! – IV

4. Processing capacity in the devices Addressing spectrum efficiency and availability in the previous posts I mentioned over and over the need for processing power to both exploit the spectrum (efficiency) and taking advantage of available one. For the former the transmitting/receiving device needs to use multiple antennas and combine/process …

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The future of battery is … no battery

We live in a world of energy, continuously fuelled by the Sun (and, in a minimal part, by radioactive decade). Energy as such is no good. What is needed is to transform one form of energy into another one. We use gasoline (chemically stored energy) and by combining it with …

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6G does not exist, yet it is already here – II

2. Spectrum efficiency Over the last 40 years, since the very first analogue wireless systems, researchers have managed to increase the spectral efficiency, that is to pack more and more information in the radio waves. Actually, with the 4G they have reached the Shannon limit. Shannon (and Hartley) found a …

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Some mind blowing numbers

That e-commerce is growing is no surprise, nor that Amazon is the biggest e-commerce player in the US yet, looking at the expected sales for the coming Prime Day (October 13/14), I cannot help but being amazed by the estimated sales: almost 10 billion $ worldwide and over 6 billion …

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Digital Twins at work II

Following on last post, an interesting presentation came from Sandvik, a company manufacturing heavy machines. The presentation focussed on the increased automation and the use of these machines in mining environment. The operating conditions are particularly demanding, often requiring the machine to operate in very narrow spaces. Something I did …

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