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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Starlink: telecommunications from above

Over the last 30 years there have been a number of projects to create a satellite constellation, low orbit, able to create a communication infrastructure in the sky. Back at the end of the 80ies the idea of a constellation of satellites turned into a concrete project with Iridium, a …

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Planning for the New World – VIII

Strengthening Regional Development This is the closing post of this series. In all previous ones I have considered the World as a single entity, and I pointed out that cooperation is needed, both at the level of a single multinational company (Corporate Governance), at the level of supply and delivery …

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Planning for the New World – VII

Developing Sustainable Business Models Sustainability is a no brainer. Ask anybody if they want a sustainable world or a world where resources are progressively depleted, plastic litters the oceans, air is polluted and you can guess the answer. The question then is why are we not pursuing in a determined …

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Let’s face the fact: Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword everybody knows although nobody would be able to really explain what it is…. The root of the world goes back to that famous paper calling to arms researchers for a summer project on artificial intelligence to be held at Dartmoor, …

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Planning for the New World – VI

Restoring the Health of the Environment That this insignificant species called Home Sapiens Sapiens is having an impact on the planet is no longer debatable: every hour humankind is destroying 18 million square meters of forest with agriculture being the leading cause; 750 billion tons of CO2 are exchanged by …

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Planning for the New World – V

Redesigning Social Contracts, Skills and Jobs The Digital Transformation is shifting the needs, and values of human contribution to wealth creation in several sectors. It is not the first time such a shift takes place, three centuries ago it was the industrial revolution powered by steam and later on by …

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5G: picking up steam or slowing down?

The Ericsson Mobile Report June 2020 is out and it makes for interesting reading. Clearly one should keep in mind that Ericsson perspective is the one of a company that need the equipment market to pick up steam as soon as possible… Here the points that I found notable: The …

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Planning for the new World – IV

Shaping the Economic Recovery That the economy has taken one of the biggest downturn in recent history is a fact. The intertwining of business and value chains across the planet has made it not just “global”, it made it worse since a glitch in a supply chain affected the whole …

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Planning for the new World – III

Revitalising Global Cooperation We live in a competitive world. The increased effectiveness of communications and logistic infrastructures, the former transporting thoughts, knowledge and ideas the latter goods, components and products has made the world even more competitive than in the past creating a single huge marketplace steering demand and a …

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