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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Neural Nano Optics

C0mputational photography is in full swing and although we have seem impressive results (think of the impressive photos that are taken by the latest generation of smartphones in spite of their much smaller optics). Yet, the evolution we can expect in the coming years are even greater. Whilst so far …

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AR and VR shopping: a peek at the future

Shopping is partly “need” partly “fun” (and for some, partly” compulsive”). If it is a response to a need any technology that can help in taking a decision would surely help the customer. If it is for fun any technology that can increase the emotional feeling will be a hit. …

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AAM: Advanced Air Mobility

It is now a few years that I have seen news on flying cars, actually flying taxis, being just around the corner. There have been a few trials in Dubai and Singapore (the former leveraging on the desert the latter on the harbour to stssy out of the way of …

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Ethical design of AI-IoT systems

I was involved recently in a discussion promoted by EcoSurge, an initiative helping SMEs engage the sustainability transition and create value out of it via digital innovation, circular economy principles. They are planning a panel, see figure and register here, to discuss ethical design of AI-IoT Systems. It is not …

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Using AI like a brush

First of all a disclaimer: my expertise in art(s) is as close to “zero” as it can possibly be. I can tell if I like something but I am not able to tell the difference between a Kandinsky and my young grandchild scratch & scribble. In other words, I am …

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Spotting veins using AI

Technology is providing a helping hand to medical doctors and healthcare operators. One area is helping in finding the veins of a patient. Normally nurses (and doctors) do not have any problem in finding a vein in the arm to draw blood or inject drugs. In a few patients, however, …

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Truck driver: a desk job

Einride, a Swedish company operating the largest fleet of electric trucks in Europe, has started testing autonomous (electric) trucks in the US. Trucks are supervised by a truck driver sitting in an office in front of a large screen (watch the clip) that makes him feel like he is actually …

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3D printing for space communications

As I had the opportunity to mention in previous posts the whole area of satellite communications is getting ready for a revolution. A number of companies are already launching low satellites in low orbits. This has the advantage of lowering the cost of launch and decreasing the power required to …

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