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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Evolutionary Robotics

OK, today’s is April Fools’ day so here I go with a topic that looks like a prank, but it is not (or is it?). (some) Robots will be able to replicate themselves and generate offsprings. More than that. Their replica might be a bit better, in evolutionary terms, than …

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Eye care? Let AI give a hand

Technology progress in medicine is providing more and more data, which is great. At the same time these data need to be processed and … understood. Take the Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT). It allows an ophthalmologist to look at a patient’s retina with micro-metric resolution, both the surface of the …

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A robot to pick up apples from a tree

Ever walked in an orchard and, feeling a bit like Adam, picked up a nice apple? What could be easier than that. You see the tree, all the nice apples hanging around, you just need to choose the one looking nicer, and probably tastier , stretch your arm and you …

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Curved image sensors? Good but late?

A digital camera is harvesting light in front of the lens and takes it to the sensor. Rays bounced from what is in front of the camera come from any direction and are bent by the lenses to hit the image sensor. Those rays that are directed to the edges …

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A Digital Transformation Course

So, the Digital Transformation is already happening. Different industries and different organisations have been involved each one in its own way. Some might even have been spared so far by the wave that is getting wider and bigger. But even those will not be safe for ever. Now, why should …

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Genetic engineering serendipity

According to an article on the MIT Technology Review a team of Chinese scientists have performed a genetic modification using the CRISPR/Cas9 technique to delete the CCR5 gene. This deletion should remove a CCR5 receptor on cells membranes removing the point used by the HIV virus to infect the cell. …

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From virtual to real …with AI

OK, rather than reading this post you should start by looking at the clip provided by NVIDIA explaining how they have used Artificial Intelligence to let people create images that look like real photos. I think that is just amazing. So, watch it! Now, if you paid attention to the …

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