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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Your camera knows what you are watching

In the past decade digital cameras (including the now extinguished point and shoot, killed by smartphones) have learnt to look at the scene you are about to shoot to single out some detail, like a smile, a face, even a dog and automatically focus on that object. Some cameras can …

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Using AI to “invent” new materials

At the end of 2020 I included in the Megatrends for this decade the use of artificial intelligence to design new alloys. There is a potential huge space for mixing atoms of different elements (plus using additive manufacturing we could create specific atomic structures!) and because of that we can …

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It’s way more complex than expected

When computer started to become part of our imagination, some 60-70 years ago, people called them “electronic brains” and the next step was to associate the transistor to the neurone. Physiologists told that a neurone works like a switch, upon reception of signals got excited and the “fired” stimulating other …

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Digital Twins in Industry

Just finished to attend a -very interesting- (virtual) event organised by Siemens Digital Industry Software on “Digital Twins for sustainable, resilient and reconfigurable factory”. Siemens was not the first to adopt Digital Twins (among the big guns the first was probably GE) but it is surely one of the most …

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