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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Digital Twins for Healthcare – III

So let’s now focus on the role that Digital Twins and Personal Digital Twins may be playing in the Future of Healthcare. Digital Twins – a digital replica of an entity. They are used in several sectors and are starting to play a significant role in healthcare. General Electric invested …

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I jot it down, then AI takes over

Are you in a hurry or just look for a bit of fun? Try out this website. It connects you to an AI driven software that interprets a sketch you jot down (using the tools provided or using an image you can upload) and then work out on its own …

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Digital Twins for Healthcare – II

OK let’s focus on four elements that in my opining will foster the evolution of Healthcare in this and in the next decade: Artificial Intelligence – it is a no brainer stating that the role of AI, already significant in some healthcare areas, will grow in importance to the point …

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Digital Twins for Healthcare – I

As conclusion to my talk in the MediRes AI Program I spoke about the future of Healthcare. Of course it is a very broad subject and my focus was on the use of Digital Twins and Personal Digital Twins. I came up with the circle diagram shown in the picture. Healthcare …

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Create your Body’s Personal Digital Twin

Yesterday I recorded a talk for the MediRes AI Program, a free on line resources providing healthcare professionals with continuous education on the latest advance in the healthcare area. To prepare for the talk I had plenty of materials developed in the 3 years activities carried out by the IEEE …

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Film-making reinvented

Building up on yesterday post what if we could make a step further and move from creating a single artwork using AI to create a whole movie? This is what Fabian Stelzer is currently doing and the way he is doing it is really worth considering since it is opening …

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Is this “Art”?

I have posted a few times some news on the progress of AI in generating images that can mimic the artistic style of a famous painter, as well as images that seem to show some sort of “imagination”, real creations that can be resemble the ones any human being could …

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3D printing a Digital Camera

This is not about a product, not even about an object: it is about what technology can enable each one of us. Kevin McAlee my be described as a passionate do-it-yourself technologist. He has been spending time in developing his own home-made robots and giving them a “soul” -aka writing …

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