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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Driving 1,000km on a single battery charge

Electric cars are becoming a concrete alternative to many prospective buyers. What is hampering their widespread adoption is the refuelling issue: fewer refuelling (recharging) points long time to fill her up short autonomy range Each of the above is an issue per sé, but making one better helps in decreasing …

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From sketch to photorealistic image

Back in March 2019, 2 years ago, NVIDIA released a software, GauGAN, that making use of Generative Adversarial Networks could transform a sketch made using a variety of brushes and palettes into a photorealistic image. Now NVIDIA has stepped up with a new application, Canvas, that can let you create …

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New neuristors for non linear logic computing

“Neuristors” are “transistors” that mimic the computational capability of neurones (our as well as neurones of any other animal, they are not that much different!). So far neuromorphic computing systems requires several transistors to perform Boolean operations (AND, OR, XOR, XNOR…) whilst a single neurone can do that. Having more …

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Drones swarm in action

The Israeli attack to Gaza in mid-May 2021, was probably the first example of using drone swarm technology in the field. I am looking at it only from the technical side leaving out all (most important) aspects of “right vs wrong” usage. Each drone is an autonomous system with its …

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Ready to taste a Google cake, courtesy of AI?

What can you do with artificial intelligence? Create new cakes is an example! Google has noticed a spike of interest in baking recipe (people searching for them) during the pandemic and people lock-down. A team of researchers have started to look into the search data using AI to detect what …

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Virtual Reality for Robots

Robots are becoming smarter and smarter thanks to a brain provided by artificial intelligence. However, this brain, as any brain, has to learn about its environment, what is the goal and how to achieve it selecting among different strategies that have to take into account its surrounding, This learning phase …

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There are many ways to go, and they go by many ways

Few days ago I stumbled onto an interesting graphic produced by McKinsey reporting an analyses on the incidence of several economic archetypes (clusters of economic activities) on the GDP of a number of Countries. The areas considered are: Discoverers (how much research/innovation generates) Technologists Experts Deliverers Makers Builders Fuelers Financiers …

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