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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Sono-Optogenetcs for Brain Computer Interface

A new technology, sono-optogenetics, is being experimented to support brain-computer interfaces -BCI. BCI aims at capturing the brain activity, convert it into bits and provide these bits to a computer for analysing what is going on, eventually what you are thinking.  Let’s clarify that we are still very – very …

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From Beer to Bits to Beer

Over this last week end we had our youngest son visiting us: he is working at one of the biggest brewery group. He is engaged in a program that takes him to experience the various aspect of the company business, from manufacturing (brewing) to logistics, from marketing to sales … …

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The fading line between “fake” and “true”

Philosophers have been debating for thousands of years the concept of “truth”. You’ll probably remember Protagoras of Abdera criteria: “Of all things the measure is Man, of the things that are, that they are, and of the things that are not, that they are not” often captured by the sentence: …

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From fill her up to power her up

Last December (2020) a draft document prepared by the European Commission indicated a target of 30 million electric vehicles on the European roads in 2030. Transportation contributes for 1/4 of greenhouse gas emission and 30% of CO2 emission in Europe. The 30 million electric cars figure is considered a “must” …

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Pandemic effects on biz are here to stay

An interesting report by McKinsey on the Future of Work after Covid-19 is reporting on the various changes that occurred in the workplace because of the epidemic and the possibility that these changes will become permanent. It is an interesting report, surely worth reading. It is based on thousands of …

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How smart could/should a smart shelf be?

Over the past few years Amazon has released a number of “gadgets” to make even more seamless our buying experience, the Amazon Dash Replenishment. It started with some sort of tokens that you can associate to a specific product. Once you notice that you are running short and want to …

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