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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Changing landscape for our energy hungry world

In spite of all the talking about becoming energy savvy, reducing our power consumption, humanity is bound towards increasing its energy dependence. The graphics included in the 2022 Global Energy Perspectives released by McKinsey shows this clearly. In 2050 it is expected a global use that is almost the double …

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Evolution of Digital Twins in Manufacturing

Next week on May 10th, I will be giving a webinar on the topic of Digital Twins evolution and their role in Manufacturing. The webinar is part of a series, Tuesdays from Future, organised by EIT Manufacturing. If you are interested you can join the webinar here. By registering to …

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Drones are buzzing around more and mode

Drone Industry Insights have released its latest infographic (and report) showing a steady increase (9.4% CAGR in the US) in both sectors and types of application. Overall they expect the US market to reach a value of 41.3 B$ in 2026, split into hardware (the drone itself and the adds-on), software …

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Evolution of Chatbots

Once upon a time we had Operators (actually, in the beginning they were she-Operators because the quality of the lines was so poor that it was difficult to hear clearly the Operator’s voice and it turned out that female voice based on a 3kHz frequency was way better than a …

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Beam me up!

Dr. Josef Schmid, a flight surgeon, and his team were teleported to the International Space Station in October 2021 as part of an experiment to plan the way for telemedicine in space. The ISS was (and is) travelling at 28,000 kmh orbiting at 400 km above the Earth surface. NASA …

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When reliability “kills”

The delivery to UPS of a 747-800 by Boeing made the news not because UPS “bought” the queen of the skies, they have the second largest fleet of 747 in the world, but because that was the very last 747 to be produced by Boeing. Airbus discontinued the production of …

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Digital Transformation vs the Metaverse

Last month the Technology Vision 2022 organised by Accenture took place in the Metaverse. If you missed it, it was great!, you can still re-live the experience by watching the recording of the event shown in the clip (it is about an hour and it is worth watching). They called …

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Aging clocks

We have always been fascinated by the fountain of youth and myths abound in many cultures. In spite none has been found so far, researchers have been, and are, at work to find ways to extend our life span, in the last decade trying to leverage on the possibility of …

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