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Magnetic Graphene

We tend to associate magnetism to iron or similar metallic materials. As a matter of fact magnetism occurs any time there is a prevalence in the orientation of each atom magnetic field into a single direction. Normally, atoms have their magnetic field oriented at random and the net result is …

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Innovation is about use, not about sales

Yesterday I thought the opening lesson at a Master on Forecasting, I am teaching technology forecast, at the Trento University. A point that I made, and I want to share with you here, is that innovation is not so much about "sales" it is about "use". Of course as an …

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That rumble? It’s a motor in my stomach!

You surely have been embarrassed, once in a while, by your stomach rumble, at least I had. But you might have a tech excuse at hand in the near future.  At the university of San Diego researchers have made the first successful experimentation of a motor that can be placed in your …

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Looking back

If we stop for a moment and look back at the progress made in the last 60 years it is mind boggling. Sixty years ago, it was 1955, the very first commercial transistors were appearing on the market, although the vacuum tube still reigned. And if you measure a (small) …

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That worm has a good memory!

Yesterday I published a news on the way ICT is helping in understanding the shaping of brain structures as fall out of genome variations. Now I have stumbled onto a study carried out by Princeton University that has been looking to identify genes related to long term memory. It is a bit …

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Big Data to peer into our brains

In a paper published on Nature on January 21st (submitted in April 2014) an international team of researchers point out a discovery of a pool of genes that influence brain structures. This opens up the way to an understanding on how brain structures form and their variations, thus providing the first scientific …

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The Blending of Atoms and Bits: MS’s HoloLens

Last month, January 2015, Microsoft has announced HoloLens, as part of the holographic capabilities supported by Windows 10. You can take a look at the two video clips here, the first providing a suggestion on what our life might be like once we don the HoloLens, the second explaining the technology …

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Now, this is a personal Cloud!

There is a lot of talking on Cloud, distributed, personalised…. and I am part of it in the everyday activities at the EIT ICT Labs where "Cloud" is one of our activity areas. But our Clouds are made of bits, the Cloud I saw in the news is made, as it should, …

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Who would have guessed 10 years ago?

Ten years ago, it was 2004, Nokia claimed to be the world largest camera manufacturer, since the number of cameras in cell phones easily overshadowed the ones of Nikon and Canon. However the claim was taken as a laughing stock, it was clear that digital cameras in cell phones were a …

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