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Creating 3D structures out of 2D manufacturing

3D manufacturing through 3D printer is great since you can create structures that would be very difficult, if not impossible, to create with classic manufacturing methods. However, 3D printers are still pretty slow, and no breakthrough is on sight, and mixing different materials is still tricky, particularly if you are …

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Computer chips have shrunk over the year but still we have been used to see a computer in terms of a substantial box or, in the last few years, in terms of a tablet. Clearly there are computers everywhere, our cell phone is a computer in a different form factor, …

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The distance from imagination to creation

"At no other time has the distance between imagination and creation been so narrow". This is quite a statement and it really made me think. In the past we have had several people able to imagine something that was really out of the box. Something that was impossibile to turn …

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That’s Innovation!

This is not about the future but about the past, about last year’s projects funded through Kickstarter. Well, in a way it is also about the future since those projects will be delivering in 2015. Kickstarter is magic, at least that is my feeling. They have been able to fund …

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Has SDN reached the top of the hype curve?

2014 has been a great year for SDN, at least in terms of popularity… If you look on Google you find over 80 million pointers to SDN and in Google Trends it clearly show the uptake in 2013 and consolidation in 2014 and in the Gartner HypeCurve SDN is at the top (along …

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Good news, bad news

Researchers at UCLA have discovered that memories are not stored into synoptical connections, as it was so far known. Synapses are clearly crucial in the memory mechanisms but they demonstrated that you can destroy synaptic connection among neurones, hence destroying the "memory" but if you are reconstructing the synaptic connection the memory comes back, …

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Mimicking neurones in a chip

IBM announced a year ago Synapse, a chip that could mimic one million neurones and their connectivity (in a much limited scale) using over 5 billion transistors. It was tested in some activities that are typically well performed by a brain and poorly executed by a computer and indeed it showed …

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