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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

It’s old, it needs to be replaced!

It might have happened to you: your car no longer starts and the diagnoses is: your battery is old, it has to be replaced.  This is quite normal. After a certain number of charge-discharge cycles batteries lose the capability to store energy. Usually they degrade genlty up to a point when …

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Ever considered Quinones?

I had to catch your eye… Unless you are a fan of chemistry it is unlikely that you are fluent in … quinones. They are organic compounds and if you really want to know more about them click on the link for a Wikepedia article. Although the name might feel strange …

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Your retina is the screen!

I remember long time ago sitting by a lab bench at the University of Washington in Seattle wearing a bulking device that was beaming a laser on my retina painting on it a page of written text. I remember how impressed I was in being able to read “without” glasses. …

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Both transparent and fast!

Plastic electronics have been available in many labs since last decade. The promise is to create chips that can be embedded on any surface thus transforming our ambient by providing them sensing, processing, storage, interacting capabilities, in other words making them aware or, as we say at the EIT ICT LABS "smart". …

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Crowdsourcing wisdom? May be.

Predicting the future is probably one of the characteristics of the human species. For as far as we can go back in time we have evidence of soothsayers … Forecasting has become a science in the last 100 years, particularly in some areas, like weather forecasting where the massive processing …

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My new Home!

I have been writing posts on the evolution of technology and its implication on economy and our life since 2008 using the Future Centre blog. Starting today I will continue to ponder on the interplay of technology evolution and economics, social life and most important ourselves on this space of the …

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