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Pushing Moore’s Law further

As technology progresses you reach barriers that hampers any further progress. However, these barriers are, so far, not physical barriers, scientific principles that cannot be violated. Rather, they are the result of the approach taken and once you reach them you need to change the approach to move further. I …

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The Inner Hierarchy

In Nature we can see, if we pay attention, endless examples of hierarchies, from the ones of rivers affluents to tree branches and, of course to human societies. In math there is a way to measure the complexity of a hierarchy using the Horton-Strahler order, a metrics that takes into …

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The 20″ gap

The flow of data on the Internet is relentless and huge, and, although just a fraction of that, also the flow of data reaching our screens (cell phone, tablet, laptop,…) has grown incredibly over the last ten years.  The Internet speed has grown in synch with this increase of data, …

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Changing Paradigms – VI

6. What is the impact of the long tail? I have observed in the previous post in this sequel that progress in the production and distribution, particularly in software based products where manufacturing and distribution cost can be very very low, allows the addressing of market niches; however, in general …

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Changing Paradigms – V

5. How much money is there in the long tail? The long tail, by definition, represents a multitude of niches forming a fragmented market, We should clearly distinguish the fragmentation of the market in terms of niches addressing different “needs” from a market fragmentation depending on geographical separation. This latter …

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A new circuit is born!

Isn’t this what we often hear and say? The idea of birth is of course connected to living things, you cannot have the birth of a piece of rock but nevertheless, as we often do with languages, we borrow the concept of birth from the living things and apply it …

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Changing Paradigms – IV

4. The long tail It is now time to look at the other force creating abundance, that is the emerging of consumer choices. Notice that the existence of technology alternatives is mostly hidden to the consumer, how many consumers know about alternative technologies for television screens? What we have seen …

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Changing Paradigm – III

3. The fight for the living room! In the previous post of this series I said that abundance (that has created the paradigm shift from technology push to market pull) comes in two flavour and I started to explain the first one, the existence of alternative technologies that can serve …

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