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Looking for cheaper solutions

Energy harvesting remains, one of the big challenges facing humanity for the coming decades. And no silver bullet is in sight.  However scientists and researchers keep making tiny steps on many trails for better harvesting energy at lower and lower cost. And some keep using Nature as a source of …

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Allometry: does it apply to Smart Cities?

Allometry is the the study of the change in proportion of various parts of an organism as a consequence of growth. It was first applied to living organisms to study the relation of volume to shape to behaviour. A first very interesting result was obtained by Kleiber who found out in …

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SCHAFT is good, but I am better!

In December last year, just before Christmas, SCHAFT, a robot developed by SHAFT, a Japanese company recently bought by Google, won the Darpa Robotic Challenge, clearly defeating the other contenders. The robots competed over 8 different tasks and SCHAFT won 4 of them totalling 27 points, the second won 2 and got 20 …

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Guess who is learning on the web?

The web is a space where most of activities is the result of bots, software widgets that continuously roam the cyberspace. What you find through Google is the result of bots that have discovered that piece of information. But, ad the edges of the web, where terminals and apps are, …

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It is all about scattering

We can see the world around us because lights gets scattered, reflected, when it hits object surfaces and part of that reflected lights find a way to our retina. Interestingly, long time ago men believed that seeing was the consequence of our eyes "looking at" (illuminating) the objects and not …

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The evolution of middleware and platforms

The magic word "platform" has lost over the years some lustre. It became so common that everybody was busy creating, or at least talking about creating, a platform. In some circles, I see it in the management committee of the EIT ICT LABS, when you see a proposal for an …

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Where is your flu coming from?

The amazing variety of data that are at our disposal enables us to get answers we never dreamt before, and even more important they allow us to formulate new questions.  It is usual to think about how you got the flu. I was in the pub and a guy started …

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What is the future going to be like?

This is clearly the one billion dollar question entrepreneurs and investors would like to have answered. And although we know fairly well what the potential evolution of technology performance is going to be in the coming 5 years, and we can have pretty good confidence over a 10 year horizon, …

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A milestone in Fusion Energy

Whilst the production of energy from splitting atoms has been achieved in the last century (on December 2nd, 1942 for those history buffs among you) the controlled production of energy through fusion of two atoms (normally He, or alpha particles) has eluded scientists in spite of the many efforts all over …

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