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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Evolution of Digital Twins’ Market space

The Digital Twin market is possibly one of those with the highest growth, and part of the reason is that it is both fuelling the digital transformation and it is fuelled by the digital transformation. Another reason is that the success of digital twins in areas like manufacturing and operation …

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Smart Agriculture

Italy, as most Countries in the world, used to be a country of farmers and farmers were at the same time considered “dense” and “field-smart”. We even have a saying in Italian about the “intelligenza contadina” -farmer intelligence- meaning a kind of intuitive grasp of reality, been smart on concrete …

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Artificial Reality is changing our Reality – I

Just few days ago I attended a think tank team on the topic “Are Social Media and Screens changing our Brain?” organised by Osservatorio Tuttimedia. These the points I offered to the discussion. ============ Brains, not just the ones filling our humans’ skulls, have evolved through million of years through …

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Digital Twins: where we are where we go – VII

ExtendedDigitalTwin An extended Digital Twin goes beyond the mirroring, shadowing and threading of its physical twin. It becomes active and extends the characteristics of its physical counterpart. In addition, it can take action on behalf of its physical counterpart, becoming a sort of avatar (since it can be seen as …

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Digital Twins: where we are where we go – VI

Technology challenges A digital twin, as mentioned, is composed of a digital model, a digital shadow and a digital thread. Each of these has its own specific technology challenges associated. In addition, we shouldn’t forget that in the coming years a digital twin is bound to extend its capabilities on …

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Digital Twins: where we are where we go – V

Impact Digital Twins are becoming an integral part of the Digital Transformation and basically any area that can be affected by the Digital Transformation may see the application of Digital Twins. On the one hand, Digital Twins derive from the digitalization of specification, design and manufacturing processes and they are …

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Keep an eye on water leaks

The amount of water that gets wasted is amazingly huge. Losing a fourth of drinkable water is not unusual for cities (Mexico City is wasting 44%, Glasgow and Naples 37%, Montreal 33% and Rome 26% just to give an idea – but Amsterdam is wasting just 4%). The reasons are …

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