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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Symphony of humans and machines or “Modern Times”?

Robots are becoming a ubiquitous presence in factories and warehouses. There are not just “more” robots, they are requiring and establishing a different relationship with human beings, actually I should say with their “co-workers”. This is a step in the direction foreseen by the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative (now merged …

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2020: are Super Apps taking off?

As we turn into a new year and a new decade there are plenty of technology foresight, both short and long term. If you missed the IEEE Computer Society 12 tech trends for 2020 you can find them here. If you want to explore more, different trends just google for …

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Humans have bias, machines too

As 2019 wraps up I took a look at what went wrong with technologies this year. Unfortunately there is plenty, and you can Google for tech failures 2019 and spend some time browsing several of them. I am not surprised at all. We have had, in 2019 as in the …

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Self-repairing robots do have a sense of self? – II

The advance in smart material technologies includes the capability of self replication. Studies in this area started in the last decade and exploited the results of Nature: using DNA strings with attached molecules of materials scientists demonstrated the possibility of replication (see the image). Of course the replication instructions to …

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Self-repairing robots do have a sense of self? – I

I have been fascinated by hydras since I was at elementary schools and I kept tracking the increasing knowledge researchers have harvested on these animals. Their outstanding capability for regenerating missing limbs was well known to our ancestors that created the mythical Hydra, a creature with seven snake like heads …

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