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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

They know our whereabouts

Can’t help but smile when I hear about “privacy”… Privacy is a figment of our imagination as we spend more and more of our life in the cyberspace. Even when we think to be living in the physical space we are connected to the cyberspace and our shadows is captured …

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It’s a fake, at least according to AI

Artificial Intelligence has progressed to the point of making possible to create pieces of music, novels and newspapers articles, paintings… imitating the style of a given artist to the point that it can fool “experts” (take a look at the clip, where original and AI Bach pieces are played – …

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Get as much car as you need

“Get as much car as you need!” I loved this tag line at first sight. It is used by Link&Co, a company that is offering your own rental car. It is not a rental car company, nor a company selling cars (although it can do both). Their business proposition is …

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