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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Would you like electronic taste?

As usual reports from the Consumer Electronic Show, CES 2023, highlight some, shall I say?, funny inventions, like this one: a spoon that promises to enhance the taste of food. By using electrical stimulation of our tongue taste buds, according to its inventors the SpoonTek start up, it will enhance …

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Peter Diamandis in the nice to read “20 technology and exponential Megatrends” published in Abundance 360° as well as the MIT Emerging technologies 2023 include the evolution of CRISPR as a game changing technology for this and the coming decades. Peter makes a more general claim on CRISPR in its …

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Regulating AI, like herding cats?

I participated to an event organised by Anitec Assinform -the association of Italian industry operating in the information technology area- on the topic of AI regulation. The EU is getting close to finalise its AI Act and industry is looking at the implication of such regulatory framework. The meeting was well …

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DIY comes to healthcare

Over the last three months I have been seeing an audiologist to buy and finely tune hearing aids (another sign I am getting older). It started with a set of hearing tests (you basically have to listen to a variety of frequencies at different loudness and signal the audiologist when …

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The problematic side of AI

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an avalanche in the consumer and business world. The last year has seen the widespread adoption in many fields and the parallel growth in the availability of tools that ease the adoption of AI. This is just the beginning. It is an easy bet to foresee …

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Cars are becoming smartphones with wheels

I took the title of this post from an article published by the French newspaper Les Echos, on January 6th, 2023: “Comment les automobiles sont devenues  des smartphones sur roues”. The article is nice, pointing out some figures like;: an average modern car embeds some 1,500 “chips” (puces in French) …

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Smartification: a Megatrend impacting everything – II

In yesterday post I outlined part of my presentation at ICCE2023 focussing on technology evolution and convergence making the Smartification Megatrend possible. Today I want to complement yesterday’s post discussing, as I did in my ICCE presentation, the reasons why we have this megatrend. Technology is an enabler, not a …

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