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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

DT evolution in Manufacturing – VI

As should be clear from the previous discussion Digital Twins are a powerful and flexible way to represent salient characteristics of a physical entity and they have been evolving fast extending their reach to represents an ever larger variety of physical entities. One might wonder if they would also be …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – V

If we stretch this idea of a Digital Twin as a “product” able to deliver value to the customer we can foresee an evolution (at stage 5 and beyond) where some companies will be in the business of creating and selling Digital Twins. This will operate as software applications running …

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Responsible AI

Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our lives. It is so intertwined and widespread that most of the time we do not realise it is there. You take a picture with your smartphone and it automatically decides what to focus on. Well, that “automatically” requires AI that inspect …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – IV

The evolution of Digital Twins, as schematically represented in figure above, can be “read” from different perspectives, like the evolution of: the degree of representation of the physical entity the interaction level among the physical entity and the DT the relevance of the DT in the operation of the physical …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – III

The continuous expansion of the data set accrued by the DT and the embedding of software capable of data analytics (more and more AI based) on those data is de-facto transforming the DT into a knowledge entity.  The knowledge is about the PhT -what it is, how it is performing, …

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Using CO2 as energy storage

Production of power and its consumption are not in synch. This means that there is a need to store surplus production to be used when there is a surplus demand. Storage of energy sources is practical for some, tricky for others. Storing fossil fuels is straightforward (they have been stored …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – II

A digital model is fine in the design phase. Actually we are hearing a new word: virtual twin. This is a model of a physical entity that, as a matter of fact does not exist and may never exist in the physical space. We create the “idea” of an entity …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – I

In these last few weeks I have been preparing for the webinar I’ll be giving tomorrow, as part of the EIT Manufacturing Tuesday from Future. I came up with a syntheses of the work that has been done within the Digital Reality Initiative that I feel can be of interest …

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