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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

The other side of the coin in AI generated music

Robots playing an instrument go back well before computers. At that time they were mechanical construtions (you can find an interesting historical reconstruction of the evolution of robots playing instruments here). Computers (and software) made it easier to have a machine engage in music production. What is new in these …

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This is really, really scaring

Artificial Intelligence can be a wonderful tool helping us in many ways but is has some dark sides as well. This is one: there is a website that you can use to upload a photo of a person (a woman, more specifically) and using AI the site will return you …

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5G is faster but … who notice?

5G is now being deployed more and more in Far East Asia, China, Western Countries. In Africa and in many developing Countries it lags behind, mostly due to the cost of 5G smartphones that in those areas are above the average customer affordability. It will probably take a few more …

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Connecting the Unconnected

Worldwide there are 7.97 billion people and 10.98 billion mobile connections. There are 7.26 billion mobile users that is 91% of people own a mobile phone. Great, so where is the problem? Unfortunately, it is the usual problem we have with with statistics. If I ate 2 chicken and you …

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Attending school by proxy

Back in 2018 an 11 year old girl had to undergo lengthy cures for an osteosarcoma, both at hospital and at home. Chemotherapy compromised her immune system and she had to remain in a sterile environment. Going to school was not an option and videoconferencing, at that before-Covid age, was …

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Explore the mind of AI

Using AI to generate images is becoming ever more popular and the number of web services supporting this is growing. Most of them require some programming but there are a few (more coming!) that are straightforward. You just need to type in a sentence and wait a few seconds for …

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From video call to video presence

It looks like Google, with their project Starline, are addressing the future of video calling. Some 20 years ago Cisco came up with an innovative (that was 20 years ago!) solution that radically improved on videoconferencing by setting up an environment that gave the impression, through video and sound, of …

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