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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Digital transformation of Retail

The retail sector has seen a growing shift towards e-commerce that has accelerated since the pandemic begun. Clearly the ecommerce is an aspect of the digital transformation of this sector and so far has seen the prevalence of few big players (see the graphic) although more and more companies have …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XXII – Sustainable homes

One point raised in the FTI’s report is the one of a possible change of paradigm, form “forced obsolescence” to “prolonged life span” for appliances and devices in our home. The theory, and practice, of “forced obsolescence” goes back to the increased production capacity that required industry to sell more …

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How could AI be so stupid?

There have been a (limited) number of accident involving Tesla cars caused by the inability of the autopilot to become aware of the actual situation. A car slammed onto a tractor-trailer, failing to recognise what it was, another hitting a truck blocking an highway after capsizing (see the picture or …

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