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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

100 Mpixels seemed huge, now it is 200!

2 and a half years ago I published a post on a Samsung beginning the production of a new digital sensor designed to fit smartphones’ cameras. It had 108 million pixels making the point that resolut6ion (image definition, in other words the capability of the sensors to capture more and …

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2023: hardwiring your brain to the Metaverse

Neuralink has been working on connecting the brain to a computer for some years now. It has made a number of announcements over the past two years demonstrating the workability of their ideas and prototypes on animals (to take a look at their technology watch the clip). Now they are …

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Smile, AI is watching you!

Have you ever switched off your computer camera when joining a video conf because you did not feel at ease with people watching your room or the way you have dressed up? Well, now you might have a further reason to keep your computer camera off: artificial intelligence based software …

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Biggest cat (photo) ever

I remember 20 years ago looking in awe at a new Nikon digital camera: it embedded a 5 Mpixel sensor, 5 million pixels! At that time I had a 1.3 Mpixel camera. Now my smartphone has a 12 Mpixel camera (plus another one for selfie). However, even my current 12 …

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Smart windows are, still, around the corner

Many of our homes have double, even triple glass panes windows. Adding glass panes provides better heat and sound insulation, saving money and providing enhanced comfort. The characteristics of these windows do not change with seasons, they remain the same in Winter as in Summer. Yet, the problem in Winter …

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Roadmap towards electric vehicles – II

As any major transformation, the shift from ICE to EV creates ripples all around it. I mentioned in yesterday’s post the need for a re-thinking of the energy infrastructure as gasoline is replaced by electricity. This is an obvious impact, but it goes well beyond that. Refuelling today means stopping …

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Roadmap towards electric vehicles – I

In the last ten years the number of cars sold in the developed countries has seen a decrease (or at best a flattening out). The increasing number of sales per year worldwide has been sustained by the emerging markets, most notably China and India. The pandemic struck a blow on …

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Digital Twins for Sustainable Manufacturing

The Digital Reality Initiative is presenting a  IEEE Future Tech Forum Roundtable on Sustainable Manufacturing moderated by Craig Bauhaus, Industry executive in Manufacturing at Microsoft. It will be held as a Virtual Event on Tuesday June 28th, at 12 noon New York time, 6pm Central European Time. You can register …

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