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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Seeing through AI

Being locked down at home, courtesy of the epidemic, I spent a few hours trying out a number of apps I downloaded on my smartphone that claim to be able to recognise objects in the surrounding using the smartphone camera and some sort of AI. Overall I had fun, but …

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Living apart together

LAT has been a growing trend over the past few years. LAT stands for Living Apart Together and refers to couple in a stable relation that for any of a number of reasons choose to not live in the same house (some are stretching the LAT also to couple using …

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Xenobots, Living Machines

As technology progresses our established categories lose their well defined borders. We are seeing this happening in many areas, and in many cases this brings new ethical questions to the fore, Think about the fading boundary between life and death: a person physical processes can be kept operating thanks to …

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AI tested me for Covid,… and I passed

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are working on an AI based test for Covid-19 that uses your voice pattern for analyses by comparing it to the voices of hundreds of thousands of other people, infected and not. You can participate in the trial and get yourself checked here. Once you …

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Audio Augmented Reality

Google glass were met with curiosity but eventually raised strong opposition for their potential intrusiveness, a omnipresent Peeping Tom, to the point they were banned from several places. Oculus Rift are cumbersome and surely not suitable for moving around. True augmented reality glasses, affordable and seamless for a mass market …

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Digital Healthcare

The disparity in the world healthcare among Countries is huge, as shown in the World Bank data, and, unfortunately, it is no April fools. Bet869ween the Gambia 20$ and the US 9869$ per person per year there is a factor of 493! Now, one might observe that the value of …

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