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Stealing work through a ghost company

The pandemic and the work shift to the cyberspace (working from home became the norm for several companies) has opened the door to cons that are using “advanced” technology to trick people into activities that would have been “unthinkable” just two years ago. This is the case of a con …

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Personal Digital Twins: Neurotwins

A first, and rapidly growing area of Personal Digital Twin is focussing on the creation of a model of the physiology of a person, how that specific body “works”. This is clearly important in healthcare, be it for assessing the impact of drugs, detecting early signs of malfunction (and generating …

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On-line … waste economy

Three months ago I wrote a post discussing the growing issue of apparels returns following on-line shopping. Now I stumbled onto a very interesting article (a must read, I would say) explaining what is actually happening to returned apparel. First of all look at the statistics: increasing on-line shopping, from 427B$ …

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High def electrocorticography

A cross disciplinary team at the university of California San Diego, comprising surgeons, engineers and researchers, announced the development of a membrane designed to pick up electrical activity from the brain cortex with a never before achieved spatial resolution. The membrane is a thin pliable foil embedding nanorods of platinum …

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The sky is getting crowded ….

There are some 8,000 satellites orbiting over our heads (watch the clip), an incredible number if we think how much a satellite used to cost (including the cost of launching it) just 20 years ago. All of a sudden technology has slashed the cost, completely changing the economics of space …

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