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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

A futuristic truck

A truck is a truck, you can’t expect advanced design wasted on a truck.Yet, Pininfarina Shanghai has decided that this should not be so. Pininfarina is a well known design leader for (luxury) cars and it is sort of surprising to see them engaging on truck design. On the other …

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WiFi and Selfies on Mars

At New Years Eve the Tianwen-1 Mars Orbiter mission team decided to celebrate the new year in a most unique way, releasing the selfies taken by the orbiter as it approached Mars, flying over its North Pole (watch the clip). These amazing images were taken with a digital camera (not …

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2022 Technology Predictions

As in the previous years the IEEE Computer Society has published a set of predictions on Technologies that are expected to make a significant impact in the coming few years (short term). These technologies have been chosen by a team of IEEE volunteers that first proposed a broader set and …

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Building automation: from construction to operation

Building construction is on an automation path: we have seen 3D printed houses, IoTs disseminated in new constructions (and retrofitted to existing ones) to support remote monitoring and operation and a growing number of constructions associated to Digital Twins from the design phase up to operations (watch the clip). Now …

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Connected Health

The trend towards continuous monitoring of our healthcare through ambient and wearable sensors is more than a trend: it is becoming reality. It is also a step towards the digital transformation of healthcare. This is what I see when looking at statistics like the one published by Park Associates on …

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