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More software, fewer coders

We seldom think about this but throughout our daily life we use millions of lines of code (software) written by programmers from all over the world. How many programmers are out there? It is hard to get an exact number, one estimate I found indicates there were 26.4 million programmers …

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Gaia self-adapting equilibrium

Our planet is continuously changing. We can appreciate some of these changes locally (like the changing of seasons, mud slides, volcanic eruptions…) although most of them escape our detection. It is only through science and technology that scientists have been able to track the huge changes of our planet, its …

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Master degree in Metaverse

I am following the daily posts of Shelly Palmer and two days ago he wrote about Walmart entering the Metaverse. What I found nice, however, is his statement about the Metaverse: “I’m at the point where I’m going to give up on any potential for a universally-accepted definition for the …

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Taking the drone to new … depth!

You absolutely need to watch this clip! I found it amazing: you fly a drone over a river in a canyon and you can make it go under water to film what is below the water surface. Looks something out of a Bond movie! If the clip is not enough …

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Knowledge as a Service

Two months ago, July 2022, I started a series of posts on the evolution of knowledge with a 2050 horizon. I received quite a few comments and I kept discussing this topic in the context of the working groups on IEEE 2050. Of particular interest the discussion we had on …

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Enabling many “Big Brothers”

Quite a few years ago a journalist saw a young woman taking a picture in the Golden Bridge Park in San Francisco. He took the GPS position of the place she had been shooting and a week later he went on the Internet searching for photos taken in that place. …

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From Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0 – V

In the previous post on this series I considered a few technology areas that support the “operation” of Industry 5.0 (noting that these are already applied in Industry 4.0). Let’s now move on to take a look at technologies that are likely to “foster” the transition from Industry 4.0 to …

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From Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0 – IV

Technology is a tool, it has always been a tool. However, there have been some technologies that have shaped evolution and actually prompted evolution. The very first technologies (stone cutting -extracting and shaping-, bronze smelting, and iron/steel production) gave the name to entire epochs. More recently we have had use …

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