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The amazing power consumption behind bitcoins

I for sure, but possibly you as well, have the distorted perception that bits do not consume anything: they do not consume “space” they are fickle and do not consume power. Of course everything proves the contrary: our devices aer getting full and they need to recharge often. When I …

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Automotive: disruptions ahead – II

That data are going to play a major role in the future of automotive, both as tools to streamline several activities (like proactive maintenance, safety and security, traffic management and even design hints for future releases) and as a way to deliver new services (car as a service, transportation as …

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Automotive: disruptions ahead – I

That the whole sector of automotive is heading towards a disruption, is a given, no one is disputing it. Opinions may differ on when, surely not on its occurrence. Actually, it will not be a clear cut thresholds rather a fuzzy area experiencing and accelerated rate of change: shift from …

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As big as it gets: Earth Digital Twin

Last Thursday I was on a call with fellows co-authors working on a Digital Twins book to be published end of 2021. The topic debated by these “experts” was: what is the correct definition for Digital Twin. The discussion that raged for over an hour just demonstrated the old adage …

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Smile, it’s office time!

We are all living on a small blue marble, as seen from the Moon. But, as you zoom in, cultures are quite different, sometimes more than oceans away, This is the case, at least so it seems, for the perceived value of privacy, seen as a non negotiable one in …

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Smartphones, and more, are getting cloudy

Processing is cheap, actually it is not! On the one hand we have seen a continuous decrease of processing cost but at the same time we have been increasing our (our applications) need for processing to the point that it made sense to create huge processing infrastructures that can be …

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Do you speak Whale?

We have come to take Google Translator as a given, it now (June 2021) supports 109 languages translating EVERY DAY 100 billion words! Yet, among all those languages (and I should confess last time I looked at the list there were a handful I dod not know of their existence) …

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Kirigami in your gut

I guess most of you are familiar with Origami, the Japanese art-form of folding a sheet of paper to create simple up to amazingly complex shapes. Fewer are familiar with “kirigami” that brings origami e step forward by adding to the “folding” some cutting. MIT researchers got inspired by kirigami …

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Is smart e-textile in our future wardrobe?

Researchers at Purdue University have invented a way to make e-textile feasible in everyday life. We have had e-textile for the last 20 years, textiles with embedded electronics where the challenge was to create electronic components and connectors that could be embedded in the fabric and be flexible as the …

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