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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Digital Twin Computing

I received a comment to one of my posts on Digital Twins pointing to a White Paper produced by NTT researchers and introducing a new twist on Digital Twins, Digital Twin Computing. We are seeing a tremendous uptake of Digital Twins by industry, their adoption in the IoT framework and …

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Stepping inside Alice’s mirror

Alice was in front of the looking glass and found herself climbing into it and wandering into an amazing new world. Today we are doing the same, using technology evolution as the ladder to climb into the digital world. The problem is that, like in Alice’s dream, it is getting …

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Using AI to add depth to your photos

LucidPix has announced the testing of their new App based on artificial intelligence that will allow the creation of a 3D image (or better, the perception of a 3D image) starting from a plain vanilla photo you have taken with your smartphone. The app is not available yet, it should …

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Drones took to the skys. Where are they going? – VI

We have already had 5 drone generations (not considering military drones) with the 6th in the deployment and the 7th in the making: Basic Remote Control Fixed camera, low res video recording and digital images, manual control Assisted piloting (obstacle avoidance), 2 axes gimbal camera mounting, HD recording Autopilot mode, …

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