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Sutures that heal and monitor

Sutures have been used for thousands of years by all civilisation. We have testimony of sutures using vegetable fibres, even sutures using the claws of some type of insects. Of course, modern medicine is no longer using these “natural” materials having been able to leverage on much better materials created …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XII

Digital make-up I remember I saw the first tiny steps towards digital make-up at a mall in Singapore over 20 years ago. If I am not mistaken it was an Oreal booth showcasing cosmetics and giving clients the opportunity to try them on a screen where a face of a …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XI

Digital Fashion The FTI’s report presents an interesting scenario on the evolution of fashion: the emergence of digital fashion, flanking the usual one. That this scenario is rot a figment of the imagination can be seen considering that a number of companies, including the big brands, have started to invest …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – X

Hybrid virtual and in-person workforce Of the three elements I mentioned in the previous post, volume, quality and way of working, the FTI report focuses on the latter and I feel this is correct, since the long term impact of the pandemic will be most felt on the way of …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – IX

Macro-shift in the Workforce The Digital Transformation is ongoing and it is a major force in reshaping the market, in terms of value perception -thus shifting demands- and in reshaping the way the offer is created. Both of these factors are clearly affecting the workforce in volume, in quality (skills) …

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Nice article! Nobody wrote it.

Last week I had an interesting call with a company that has been asked by IEEE to generate articles based on the material I have produced in the area of Digital Transformation. They have a team that will write the articles and they got in touch with me. The interesting …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – VIII

Synthetic Media It is now several decades that video games have acquainted us with synthetic reality. Imaginary landscapes and ambient are recreated by computer graphics along with sounds that match the objects and the ongoing actions providing a “credible” reality. Actually, the first synthetic environment screamed “fake” at all times …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – VII

  Senses Augmentation We already have a number of “tools” that let us explore the “reality” out there beyond the possibility offered by our senses. Think about the telescopes that have opened up the vision of other galaxies, and even better think about the radio telescope that has allowed us …

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Designing proteins using AI

Proteins are very complex molecules that are at the bases of life. The DNA is an instruction set used by the cell for manufacturing them, an error in the manufacturing instruction usually leads to a non-functioning protein with side-effects on our health. Proteins play a role in many infections and …

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