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DT evolution in Manufacturing – XII

The automotive sector has adopted Digital Twins technology in the manufacturing to mirror robots in the assembly line. In the last few years it has started to create and use digital twins of the product, vehicles produced. More and more automotive companies are nowadays equipping cars (and trucks) with IoT …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – XI

General Electric, as already mentioned, has been working for several years applying DTs to the energy production, specifically using them to monitor and control wind turbines. Wind farms are costly and complex systems where efficiency can be increased by fine tweaking of the blades angle and this in turns alters …

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One baby – one genome

The cost of genome sequencing has plummeted and it is now reasonable to imagine that every new born child can get her genome sequenced at birth. Actually, it is not even about imagining it: it is time to do this. In UK the Government owned company Genomics England  was set …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – X

The Construction Industry has been working with digital models for quite a while, based on BIM -Building Information Modelling. In the last years more and more sensors -IoT- have been inserted in building at construction time (and in a several cases IoT have started to be retro-fitted in existing buildings. …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – IX

After the previous posts discussion on the evolution of digital twins, from -basically- an academic point of view with a separation into stages and types (DT, PDT, CDT, OPDT, Hybrid…) and before looking at the further expected evolution it makes sense to take a look at how, today in 2022, …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – VIII

 The interest on Cognitive Digital Twins -CDT- is growing and companies are starting to look at that as a tool to effectively manage knowledge assets. As Digital Transformation -DX- is making knowledge a crucial component of business (DX shifts atoms into data but data as such are a commodity with …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – VII

As mentioned the concept of Cognitive Digital Twin, first defined in the context of smart robots by IBM as a way to represent the knowledge of the robot, an ensemble of robots on the shop floor, has been applied to the representation of the knowledge of a person, becoming a …

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If there ever was a doubt war will be moving to the cyberspace now we can definitely say that it is happening. The news of the hack on the Viasat satellite an hour before the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been on newspapers and magazines for quite a while. Now …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – VI

As should be clear from the previous discussion Digital Twins are a powerful and flexible way to represent salient characteristics of a physical entity and they have been evolving fast extending their reach to represents an ever larger variety of physical entities. One might wonder if they would also be …

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