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6G does not exist, yet it is already here! – XIII

Wearables have been around for over a decade, in the consumer market as smart watches and fitness sensors and in industrial setting as tools for specific needs in the production/operation processes. Due to the need of keeping consumption down (particularly in the consumer market) wearables are seen as adds on …

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A wireless network out of this world

NASA is working to establish a permanent presence on the Moon and it is looking at the variety of issues that would raise. One of this is to have a telecommunication network so that moonlings can communicate, as earthlings do. Hence the funding of 14.1 million $ to BellLabs, owned …

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A 445.6 million $ restaurant

Have you ever wondered how it feels like eating on a plane but you have fear of flying? Now, if you live in Singapore, there is the possibility to satisfy that whim remaining glued to earth! Singapore Airlines, suffering like all other airlines from the pandemic and the dramatic decrease …

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6G does not exist, yet it is already here! – X

OK, it is now time to consider a “real” wireless network! Smartphones, complex IoTs or aggregates of IoTs (like vehicles), have been addressed to as “terminals”. In fact, it is now a few years that in several occasions this name no longer apples. Think at the tethering supported by your …

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6G does not exist, yet it is already here! – IX

Wireless networks are everything but wireless. The “core” part is basically undistinguishable from the wireline network, however, their edges are quite different, of course, comprising base stations, poles, antennas … but still very “fixed” indeed. For many years these edges have been “passive”, dumb. Their role was to convert the …

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Cool! Superconductivity gets a bit warmer ….

Last year, 2019, there was a lot of excitement at the news that a team of researchers demonstrated superconductivity property (flow of electricity with no resistance) at a temperature of -23° Celsius (-9.4° Fahrenheit). Superconductivity is the holy grail in energy use, it gets as close as you can to …

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6G does not exist, yet it is already here! – VIII

All considered it may be unsurprising that devices like smartphones are driving service evolution. What is more surprising is that they are also driving the “physical network” evolution! Watching the iPhone 12 presentation I noticed the statement of Hans Vestberg, Chairman and CEO of Verizon, stating that “5G just got …

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6G does not exist, yet it is already here! – VII

6. Network Architecture The telecommunication network, seen from a mile above, has kept evolving towards a flatter and flatter architecture. It was very hierarchical in the beginning, a call from Siena to Philadelphia would have to be routed via Florence, Rome, London, New York to reach its destination in Philadelphia. …

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