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Roberto Saracco

Roberto Saracco fell in love with technology and its implications long time ago. His background is in math and computer science. Until April 2017 he led the EIT Digital Italian Node and then was head of the Industrial Doctoral School of EIT Digital up to September 2018. Previously, up to December 2011 he was the Director of the Telecom Italia Future Centre in Venice, looking at the interplay of technology evolution, economics and society. At the turn of the century he led a World Bank-Infodev project to stimulate entrepreneurship in Latin America. He is a senior member of IEEE where he leads the Industry Advisory Board within the Future Directions Committee and co-chairs the Digital Reality Initiative. He teaches a Master course on Technology Forecasting and Market impact at the University of Trento. He has published over 100 papers in journals and magazines and 14 books.

A changing world measured in Internet time

It has become a sort of tradition to see an infographic describing what is going on every 60′ (on average) on Internet. Last year Internet user reached 4.39 billions, an increase of some 400 million on 2018, 9%, a growth that is mostly due to the growing number of smartphones …

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The economics of the Digital Transformation – VII

Digital Twins as independent economic entities Digital Twins are evolving rapidly. It started in the last decade with them being used as digital “mock-ups”, created by CAD systems. These mock-ups were refined till they could be used as digital specs for interaction with various groups in the company and with …

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Manned drone racing: get ready for it

There has been an exponential growth in drones since they have become affordable for the mass market. Their use as an additional digital camera to complement, from a completely different perspective, the one in the smartphone has created a killer application.  Including commercial drones and industry drones the 2020 market …

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The economics of the Digital Transformation – V

Once Leveraging on Data The Digital Transformation accelerates the generation of data and companies are learning to capitalise on those data, sometimes clashing with fuzzy regulation and unclear definition of ownership. Take the example of Tesla. Tesla have been designed through computer modelling and this process generates a digital model …

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A chip to change the rules of the game

Digital Cameras, yes also the ones embedded in smart phones, have advanced functions for image recognition. The objective of those functions is to set the ideal focus and exposure to get a good photo. An experienced photographer might do a better job (although in cases where decision time is very …

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Home-centric Hospital

We have seen over the last 70 years a progressive squeezing of size and decreasing of price of high tech systems to the point that it has become feasible the shift from centralisation to decentralisation. When I started working, “the computer” was a big, costly, machine that could only be …

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