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… and what about electronic smell?

What about an embedded device in your shirt to provide you nice smell sensations? Image credit: AromaJoin – CES

Following on yesterday post, here is another gadget from CES 2023 to increase our sensory world: the Aroma Shooter.

As a device that is able to re-create aromas by controlling various elementary scents and combining them is nothing new. Aroma Shooter has been around for sometime as a scenting device you can place in your home and using an app on your smartphone you can direct it to generate a specific scent. The difference here, showcased at CES 2023, is that now it can be worn, as shown in the photo.

You can wear a collar and instruct it to waft a specific scent. Alternatively, the wearable can be connected to an application that decides what scent shall be wafted at a specific time, as an example taking clues from the clip yo are watching on you tube (is there a person sipping a cup of hot chocolate? Well a little waft of choco scent may be in order…).

According to AromaJoin, the producer of these gadgets, there should be a market connected to the metaverse and to virtual reality to provide an even stronger feel of immersion by complementing whatever is going on in the virtual space with smell stimulation. We’ll see. It has already been tried some twenty years ago and failed.

The problem is that the feeling we derive from an aroma is strongly tied with the situation. The same aroma (sea water smell) can be perceived as nice or as awful depending on the situation (are you by the seaside? Salty water smell makes for a nice complement, that same aroma in your living room feels like rotten .stuff..)

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