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It’s Wedding Day … for my daughter

The digital transformation is not sparing the wedding… Image credit: GB Web Communication

Today (although I am writing this post in advance) will be a great day for the whole family. My daughter is getting married.

During the planning phase, that extended for almost a year, I had the opportunity of appreciating how much weddings have changed and how much they have become “digital”.

From the very start it was about creating a website, my future son-in-law is a web and digital market designer, picking up photos and clips that were taken with smartphones. Then it was about inserting Google maps pointers to the wedding place. Paypal was also part of the game for funnelling presents and donations.

Did I mention social media, Facebook, Instagram and the like? Of course they have been used extensively. Spreadsheets, word processing, mailing lists…. you name it.

For the ceremony plenty of digital music and streaming.

My wedding was closer to a cave-man celebration than to what wedding technology is today.

I discovered there a plenty of websites offering services that leverage on technology, like Digital Wedding, whose logo I used to introduce this post. What is remarkable is that the variety of tools that are available can support the future bride and groom in the preparation with very little need for support (although I guess several couples may rely on professionals to take care of the details -and I discovered there are plenty!).

I also read an interesting article on Everything Experiential highlighting the role of technology in helping recovering the wedding industry that was severely hit by the pandemic. The article is focussing on the Indian market but it has several points that would seem to apply well beyond India.

At a time when travel is somewhat restricted the demand for streaming has skyrocket, as well as wedding planning in the cyberspace. Wedding websites are offering all kind of products and services to support the new couple. This shift to the cyberspace is likely to stay and flank the usual wedding for years to come, the new-wedding-normal.

Anyhow, in spite of all technology I hope tying the knot will bring the same emotion and commitment it did at my (cave-man) time.

Best wishes (through this digital post!) to the newlywed!

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