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A new home? Let’s print it

The house during “printing”. The two towers joined by the beam form the printing “head”. Image credit: SQ4D

3D printing equipment for printing houses is not a novelty. I had the opportunity of posting some news on this in the past. So, why another post on this topic?

The first 2 stories house 3D printed in India. Image credit: L&T Constructions

So far the application of 3D printing to house building was focussing on low cost constructions in India and in other Countries. India is planning to build 60 million houses in the next two years(Housing for All 2022) and 3D printing is seen as the only viable technology. Printing a one story (small and basic) house takes about 100 hours and the robot printing it can work continuously, meaning that in less than 5 days the house is ready.

It is not just about fast construction, it is also about cost: a 3D printed house can cost today 10,000US $ and the companies working with this technology in India have a target of 4,000$! Clearly, this makes a huge difference. Notice that this includes the structure as well as windows, doors, wiring/plumbing, interior and exterior finishing but does not include the kitchen, the bathroom …

A minimalistic house, 3D printed, costing less than 10,000$ US, chairs and table included, and 3D printed as well. Image credit: L&T Constructions

Also, notice that the “house” is very, how should I put it… “minimalistic”: four walls, a roof, 3 windows and a door. In the photo on the side this minimalistic house, minimalistic but way better than a shack!

So that was the state of the art for 3D printed houses.

This news is about a 3D printed house in the US and sold for 299,999 $ (less than 300,000, but not than much less!). Clearly it looks nicer,  see the photo, as you would expect with such a price tag, but still way cheaper (50% less) than an equivalent house (location, size and look) built in the conventional way.

A nicer looking house, 3D printed in the US and on the market for 299,999$. Image credit: SQ4D

It is a three bedroom, 2 bathroom house, with a covered surface of about 14 sqm, plus a garage for 2 cars, all printed on site using an autonomous 3D printing robot, by SQ4D.

I comes with a 50 years warranty on all 3D printed parts. According the the constructor, it is more eco-friendly than an equivalent house using standard concrete and the construction site is safer since most activities are carried out by an autonomous robot.

In the clip below more examples of luxury houses 3D printed. The future of construction is here.

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