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Your smartphone is going to be your ultimate shoehorn

Just like 1-2-3: Stand, frame your feet with your smartphone camera, read the right shoe size for that specific Nike model. Image credit: Nike

Nike keeps innovating, in design, in the use of smart materials, is creating self-lacing technology, and now in using Augmented Reality to pinpoint the perfect size to fit your feet, based on the chosen model.

Is there a need for this innovation? Well, as it is pointed out in a recent article on Wired the concept of having a “size” for shoes only goes back to the XV century, before it was “one size fits all”. And it is even more recent that we can choose among a variety of sizes. Problem is, not all shoes arre alike, and they fit differently on the different shapes of foot. I guess it is a common experience trying out several shoes and discovering that the size fitting you change (slightly) depending on the show design (model).

According to Nike the difference can be in a range of up to 1.5. Rather that trying on different sizes, Nike researchers have decided to turn to Augmented Reality and image recognition. They developed an app, currently in a trial stage in three of their stores in the US and using the app you are suggested the best fit for that particular model.

After the trial period this functionality will be embedded in the Nike App on your smartphone so that you can do the measuring by yourself at home and be more confident that the pair of shoes you order on the web will be a perfect fit.

Who would have imagined, just 5 years ago, that a smartphone would make for a very nice shoehorn, albeit a virtual one? And that Augmented Reality would help you in choosing a shoe?

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  1. Very interesting and useful technology! It would also be great to invest more in biodegradable materials, making the shoe soles thinner, etc.

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