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Did you sing Auld Lang Syne?

Remembering the Old Times is good, planning for an exciting future is even better!

I hope you had a wonderful celebration of the Old Times yesterday and raised a “cup o’kindness”.

I also hope that all together from all paths of life we can join to continue developing a better world.

I am one of those that feel we are making progress, there are many obstacles on the way (and sometimes we are the big obstacle) and we often stumble but if we look back, the world today is so much better than it was 100 years ago, and that was better than it was 1000 years before, and so on. As we look back into the past we see the many social progresses that have been made, the increasing of life expectancy everywhere in the world, the better literacy, the appreciation of every life, the growing empathy we feel for one another. It would be blindness pretending everything is fine today, but it would be wrong to say the old times were unconditionally “better”. Let’s remember them with longing and feeling to make sure we keep those values that makes us a community and let’s move on.

Technology has helped in this process (it also created gaps and brought destruction). We know it is not an end but a tool and we still have to learn using it.

Happy 2018

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