The High Density Substrates & Boards technical committee (TC-6) of the Electronics Packaging Society EPS is focusing on high-speed and high-density interconnect technologies, based on advanced material-, process-, structure-, and design-technologies. Application areas are ICTs, mobile electronics, automobiles/power electronics, and healthcare. High density substrates and boards are the key components placed in the center of the equipment and always need to be evolved corresponding to the cutting edge technologies in electrical, optical, and thermal fields.
 The current TC-6 committee organized in 2003, gathering the technical leaders with a variety of skills from several Japanese companies. Their activities started from summarizing the state-of-the-art material technologies developed in Japan those days.
  The findings unveiled in ECTC2004 Special Session, entitled “High Density Build-up Printed Circuit Boards Technology”. The session won popularity, and was raised to the annual event of CPMT Seminar (current EPS Seminar) in ECTC since then.
 The TC-6 activities have gradually changed in two decades. In the early days, topics were material-related, that is, how-to-use the new dielectrics, flexibles, and bumps; as shown in CPMT Seminar topics, “Advanced Flexible Printed Circuit Board Technologies” in 2005, “Bump and Bump-less Interconnection” in 2010, and “Nanotechnologies for Packaging” in 2009. These days the main topics are, however, shifted to the requirement for substrates from applications such as HPC, smartphone, and AI hardware; for example, “Systems, Devices, and PKG Tech for IoT & Hyper-Connected Society” in 2016, “HPC Packaging” in 2018, and “Roadmap of IC PKG Materials to Meet Next-Generation Smartphone Performance Requirement” in 2019.