TC Emerging Technologies

addresses packaging issues of new and novel technology concepts which target to revolutionize applications  in general. This committee places an international focus on the development, characterization, and commercial support for packaging, assembly, and test infrastructure for key applications areas such as, Fluidic Systems, Optical Systems, Automotive Systems, Military Systems, Medical Systems, Remotely Operated Systems, Telecommunications and RF…

At present the EPS TC committee focusses on emerging technology topics like:

  • 5G Electro-optical integration
  • New assembly methods, self-assembly
  • MEMS packaging
  • Co design chip to interposer or board
  • Additive manufacturing and 3D printing, i.e. nano-pastes nano-interconnect
  • RF & power i.e. new challenge in 3D packaging and heterointegration and  new reliability methods vibration/lowT
  • Bio and medical , flexible and stretchable electronics
  • Cyber security  on packaging level
  • Transformable electronics systems
  • new electronics packaging visions in order to prepare for the future
  • Chip package interaction and reliability

Associated activities include:

  • The Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC)
  • Other conferences and workshops with sessions or tracks with a focus on Emerging Concepts, MEMS and Sensor Integration
  • Special Sections in the IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology
  • Integrate young researchers into our community at IEEE EPS and at the ECTC conference, motivate them to bring in new and emerging topics for electronics packaging
  • Future Packaging Vision Contest started in  2019 and repeated in 2020, please see the activities  page

The technical committee is linked to activities in the technical program committee of ECTC for emerging technologie.  In order to optimize our reach-out we are interested in contacting with other working groups in related areas. This TC is open to coordinate its efforts with IMAPS, SMTA, iNEMI , ASME and SEMI as well as with the  joint activity of the IEEE EPS Heterointegration Road Map (HIR) of IEEE EPS:

The key goals of this committee are to increase international awareness of the electronics packaging issues faced by the integration of  microsystems using emerging concepts and participate in activites toward solutions through:

  • Education, funding and strategy
  • Encouragement and support for the development of packaging infrastructure

For more information, to cooperate, to participate or to join our TC, or to volunteer for a member position in the TC emerging technologies and its  activities, send an email note  to:

Benson Chan, TC Chair for emerging technologies, Binghamton University, Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC), Vestal, NY, U.S.A.

Anyone can be an participating member of one or more of the EPS Society’s  technical committees TCs without belonging to the IEEE, but we would prefer if you join IEEE EPS.  You may also contact the webmaster concerning problems with reaching to this website the TC emerging technologies web-page. Regarding contend please contact Karlheinz Bock.

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