About 3D/TSV Technical Committee

Committee Focus 

  • 3DIC Integration (TSV)
  • Non-TSV 3D Technologies
  • Chiplet (dielet) Assembly
  • Chip-to-Wafer (C2W) Integration
  • Wafer-to-Wafer (W2W) Integration
  • 2.5 D and Alternative Interposer Concepts
  • Monolithic Integration

Sections and Contact Persons

  • Monolithic 3D (Pascal Vivet, CEA)
  • Fine-pitch 3D Stacking (Mustafa Badaroglu, Qualcomm)
  • Chiplet Assembly (Phil Garrou, MCNC  & Pascal Vivet, CEA)
  • 3DIC Design (Paul Franzon, NCSU)
  • 2D Enhanced Architectures (Raja Swaminathan, AMD)
  • Heterogeneous 3D Sensor Integration (Peter Ramm, Fraunhofer EMFT)
  • Flexible Hybrid 3DIC (Tetsu Tanaka, Tohoku University)
  • Link with IRDS (More Moore & Packaging) (Mustafa Badaroglu, Qualcomm)
  • Link with HIR (Interconnects) (Raja Swaminathan, AMD)
  • Link with IFTLE (Phil Garrou, MCNC)